The Sailor’s Shoulder Hurts

Sailor: I got my flu shot today. My shoulder hurts and it’s hot **starts rubbing his shoulder**

Me: That’s a bummer.

Sailor: **Groans**

Me: Oh stop.

Sailor: I might become an anti-vaxer, this sucks.

Me: Well, it’s been a good run. Guess we’ll have to get divorced now because I can’t accept that.


Me: You’re seriously making me angry. Stop.

Sailor: You don’t know! Prove it! You can’t! Don’t come at me with your science and facts either. LIES!

Me: People actually believe that shit that you’re saying you know.

Sailor: Well, people are dumb.


One thought on “The Sailor’s Shoulder Hurts

  1. This made my morning driving to work. Cause all i can think of is … “honey what do you think about people who put their pets on vegan lifestyles. ” insert same response


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