About Me

Back when I was younger and dumber my mother used to give me sound advice.  Typically I would brushed her off as crazy like most young people do.  She always responded with, “Go ahead but don’t call me crying when you’re up shit creek without a paddle.”  Usually the poor woman was right and I would find myself in a pickle of infinitely stupid sorts.  But that’s just half go the of the story behind the name of this site.
The other 50% is from my favorite poem.  I found this little gem at the height of my teen angsty high school years when the world was dark and everyone was a sucky buttheaded jerk.  It slapped me across the face and motivated me to be myself and push on.

Paddle Your Own Canoe

Voyager upon life’s sea,
To yourself be true,
And where’er your lot may be
Paddle your own canoe.
Never, though the winds may rave,
Falter nor look back;
But upon the darkest wave
Leave a shining track.

Nobly dare the wildest storm,
Stem the hardest gale;
Brave of heart and strong of arm,
You will never fail.
When the world is cold and dark,
Keep an aim in view,
And toward the beacon mark
Paddle your own cane.

Every wave that bears you on
To the silent shore,
From it’ sunny source has gone
To return no more.
Then let not an hour’s delay
Cheat you of your due;
But, while it is called today,
Paddle your own canoe.

If your birth denied you wealth
Loftly state and power;
Honest fame and hardy health
Are a better dower
But if these will not suffice,
Golden gain pursue;
And, to win the glittering prize,
Paddle your own canoe.

Would you wrest the wreath of fame
From the hand of fate?
Would you write a deathless name
With the good and the great?
Would you bless your fellow-men?
Heart and soul imbue
With the holy task, and then
Paddle your own canoe.

Would you crush the tyrant wrong,
In the world’s free fight?
With a spirit brave and strong,
Battle for the right;
And to break the chains that bind
The many to the few,
To enfranchise slavish mind —
Paddle your own canoe,

Nothing great is lightly won;
Nothing won is lost;
Every good deed is nobly done,
Will repay the cost.
Leave to Heaven, in humble trust,
All you will do;
But if you succeed, you must
Paddle your own canoe.

~Sarah Bolton

So, a little about me in no particular order:

I was a vegetarian for 3 years.

I love cheeseburgers hence why the vegetarian thing was a bit short lived.

I tend to make bad choices in my personal life that luckily end up with funny results… most of the time. Even the not so funny ones I find humor in eventually.

Coffee is LIFE.

I have 2 cats. They are both assholes.

I was born and raised in Ohio.

I have lived in Charleston, Seattle and Virginia Beach.

I’m about to move to Yokosuka, Japan for 3 years thanks to my husband, The Sailor.

I love animals more that people for the most part.

My house in a constant state of shambles.

I am a classic over sharer.  Enjoy that in my posts.

I love books.  Especially the smell of them.

I prefer strawberry milkshakes to any other flavor.

I don’t like to wear socks.  You’re lucky I wear shoes most days.

One day I want a big huge giant dog.

I have a wicked case of wanderlust that my wicked case of debt has a chokehold on.

I can’t live without cheese.

I drive a hybrid car not because I am environmentally conscience but because I am poor and cheap and needed to save money on gas.

I like to laugh.  Loudly.  Beause it’s better than crying.

I am far funnier in writing than in person.