Ripe Avocado (Original Post 02/12/15)

There are a few things in life that are true simple pleasures. It’s different for everyone but, they are small and simple things that bring you a moment of pure joy. Finding your avocado is perfectly ripe as you cut in and having the skin peel off in a big unbroken sheet. A warm maple bacon donut fresh from the oven. A perfect cup of coffee just hot enough to sip. Fresh figs right off the tree. A soft knit cap on a cold day. Putting warm sweat pants on straight from the dryer. A giant, full soaking tub that you can sink all the way to your nose in. The smell of fresh cut hay. Listening to a thunderstorm while lying cozy inside. You’re favorite movie coming on when you’re home sick. A perfect fresh cut peony. The mist from a waterfall. A long weekend. Finding $20 in a pair of pants you haven’t worn in a few weeks. A big cold glass of fresh squeezed limeade. Warm sticky toffee pudding. Comfortable silence. The sound of crashing waves. A good mani-pedi. 75 degrees and sunny. A scrubbed clean house that you didn’t have to scrub clean. Creating genuine belly laugh from someone you love. Getting mail that is not a bill or junk mail. Finishing a good book and being sad there isn’t more to read. Genuine surprises.

I need to remember these things when small insignificant things drive me to the brink of insanity. When inane things in life stress me to tears, I just need to find a nice ripe avocado.

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