Green Under My Thumb (Original Post 06/25/14)

I got it in my head this evening that I was going to plant an herb garden in the front raise “flower” bed. I have never had a plant that I didn’t kill albeit unintentionally. But those were all in the house in small pots. Truthfully, I didn’t pay them enough attention. Small potted African Violets, spider plants and numerous small squares of cat grass. It doesn’ help that in the last 8 years I also had the cats munching on anything green brought in the house.

I am convinced that this time will be different though. This time, my herb garden is outside and conveniently located where I must walk by at least twice a day. I will research all the intricate ways that each plant needs to be cared for to help it grow. It will flourish and in a few to several weeks it will be bountiful and glorious and I can’t wait. I have already made plans on what glorious dishes I will be able to make and when they call for fresh tarragon sprigs or chopped fresh parsley I will simply be able to walk out my front door with small scissors and a bowl and snip what I need, fresh and delicious. And this bountiful herb garden will lead me to a love affair with successfully growing and consuming the fruits of my labors that come mid-summer, I will want to construct a small raised bed in my back yard to fill with fabulous root vegetables, squashes and peppers. I’ll love my little gardens so much that I will bite the bullet and create a small compost bin where I will toss my egg shells and food scraps to simmer and bake into a little tasty snack for my growing veggies. This is my hope.

Reality is that 75% of the damn seeds probably will never germinate, 10% of the ones that do won’t even make it to seedlings and the rest I am sure I’ll unintentionally kill. I’ll be disappointed and irritated and throw away the few little gardening tools that I bought with the sad seeds that are currently on death row awaiting planting this week.

Godspeed little seeds. Forgive me for the wrongs that I am surely about to commit against you that will lead to your untimely death.

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